Grup Tramuntana

Grup Tramuntana is one of the main commercial and service points of reference in the border area
of La Jonquera and El Portús.

We promote shopping that is always adapted to the customers' needs.

The Grup Tramuntana is a dynamic and entrepreneurial family business which is in a growth phase and which promotes shopping that is always adapted to customers' demand.

Our services focus on 4 large divisions:
supermarkets, perfume shops, fashion and complements and hotels and restaurants.


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This year saw the origin of Grup Tramuntana when in El Portús, a village on the border between Spain and France, a small shop called Casa Raurich and dedicated to the sale of food products was opened. The privileged situation of Jonquera has been an incentive to commercial activity between the two countries, especially starting from the 1960's, which coincided with the tourist boom.


What sets one establishment apart from another is the persons that work in the store who continually seek the customers' satisfaction and confidence.

Our goal

To continue being a good point of reference. We work to maintain the level of satisfaction that our customers have had with our services for more than 50 years.

Our mission

We want to always devote attention to the new items that customers may request, the fashions and trends and changes of habit. Our ability to adapt throughout the years has made us stronger for facing the future.

Our values

Catalan identity

We define ourselves as a company with Catalan roots, with strong bonds with our territory and culture and a clear wish to service the country and its people.

We promote Catalan as a language of daily use among our employees and in our internal services. We are aware that being located in a border zone also makes the mastery and use of French and Castilian Spanish indispensible in all areas of the company.

We have always respected the cultural and linguistic reality of our employees, who come from many different countries. We consider that this plurality is an element that differentiates and enriches the company.


We are a group of persons with complementary abilities committed to a common purpose: customer satisfaction. Each and every one of our nearly 500 workers is a key piece in achieving the different services that make up Grup Tramuntana.

Proximity and Customer Service

We want to know first-hand the needs of our customers, while always remaining open to improve the quality of our services and attention to customers.

The Customer Service Center allows us to get to know first-hand what we can do to achieve the satisfaction of the persons who entrust their shopping to our establishments.

Social responsibility

Our company participates and collaborates especially with social, educational and cultural projects that are promoted in our municipality and region.


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